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Why remanufactured cartridge?

1.What is remanufactured cartridge?
Reply:Remanufactured cartridge is produced by third party manufacturers who collect the empty cartridges then remanufacture them to work and perform like brand new cartridges without holes cut or drilled.

2.Do remanufactured cartridge lasts as long as new one?
Reply:Yes and in many cases are long life. All of our cartridges are filled up with a maximum capacity of toner powder and carefully weighed before shipments.
3.Will the parts be replaced during the remanufacturing process?
Reply:All our cartridges are thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior getting in place for remanufacturing, together with new roller, blade, OPC and toner powder during production. All the cartridges are weighed and tested in order to ensure the print quality is at its best condition.

4.How do remanufactured cartridges compare with new cartridge in terms of quality and price?
Reply:Our commitment is to produce the highest quality product that meets or exceeds OEM standards. Customers would not find a difference in quality between the remanufactured and original cartridges from the printer makers. Typically you spend $1.00 on printer side then turn up you will be spending around $7.00 on original cartridge during it normal life for 5 years but, remanufactured cartridge can save up to 30-50% comparable to OEMS.

5.Will remanufactured cartridges damage the printers?
Reply:Each of our remanufactured cartridges is meticulously checked in order to ensure its quality and performance would not damage the printers. Our remanufactured cartridges use the same core and function of OEMs. Every each part of the cartridge is carefully examined during the remanufacturing process. We also replace the old components with new ones have the same standard and functional purpose as OEM.

6.How can remanufactured cartridge contributes to the environment? Why should we switch the cartridge from OEM to remanufactured?
Reply:An empty cartridge is worth approximately 5 pounds of unnecessary wastes to landfills. By using remanufactured cartridge, over 80 million pounds of plastic and metal are saved from landfills each year. Also, the plastic used in each cartridge will take more than one thousand years to decompose. The reason to switch cartridge from OEM to remanufactured, not only the obvious environmental benefits of remanufacturing but also there is a tremendous cost saving.